WIP-ping on a Weeknight

While there hasn’t been a lot of blogging happening around here, there has been plenty of knitting!  Here’s a quick update on the Endpaper Mitts, which are coming along nicely.


There is some unevenness in the stitches, but I think a trip through the washer/dryer will sort that out.  The Knit Picks Stroll is definitely quite a bit lighter and more loosely plied than the Baby Ull I used to make my first pair of Endpaper mitts.  But this yarn is incredibly soft, and the colors are very nice – this picture doesn’t really do justice to the heathery purple yarn.

I mentioned before that I thoroughly enjoyed knitting these the first time around, and this time is turning out to be the same.  These knit fast, and the pattern is very intuitive.  I love getting into the zone with my two colors and knitting with both hands – it makes knitting feel even more magical.  I’m hoping to have these done by the end of the week so they can be sent off to their recipient.

In my last post I mentioned waiting for my needles to arrive so I could move forward with this and another project.  Well, they arrived safely, and you can get a glimpse of some of them in the picture above – those are 5″ dpn’s from Knit Picks (in Sunstruck).  I’m really enjoying the shorter length dpn’s – they’re much less difficult to wrangle, and the set comes with six in each size, so you’re not limited to working tiny projects due to the needle length.  The wood is very smooth, the tips are nice and pointy, and the needles feel quite sturdy – I’m kind of glad I had an excuse to buy new needles :)

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Remember when so many of my needles were taken from me at London Heathrow?  Well, when I sorted out what my next knitting projects were to be last week, the two I decided on required some of the sizes that I’m now missing.  So I hopped on one of my favorite websites and ordered some new ones.  I’ve done as much as I can on each project until I get the new needles, and I’m so impatient!  I want my needles, and I want them now!

I know that really this is not a big problem, and Knit Picks always has super fast shipping (it usually takes less than three days), but I’m just rarin’ to go.  I hope that you, wherever you are, have needles happily clicking away right now.

Happy knitting!

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WIP-ping on the Weekend

So, I did indeed decide what I’ll be working on next.  I went back to my list of knitting goals for the year and picked out two patterns that I’ve been wanting to knit for a long time – a second pair of Endpaper Mitts and a Laminaria shawl.  These will both be gifted once their finished, or at least that’s what I’m intending.  I’m using a deep blue wool laceweight for the shawl, and it has been one of my most beloved skeins for several years now – I hope I have the fortitude to see it go.

Ravelry Link

As for the Endpaper mitts, I have a pair of my own that I made a long time ago.  Each year I wear them practically everyday between October and March.  They’ve held up extremely well, except for one thumb which is slowly unravelling.  Once I finish this second pair, I fully intend on starting a third to be finished for the fall and kept all for myself.

I’m using Knit Picks Stroll sock yarn for these, and I’m interested to see how it compares to the Dale of Norway Baby Ull that I used for my first pair.  It’s extremely soft, and seems a bit thinner and less dense than the Baby Ull.  Once I’m done the ribbing I think I’ll be knitting the medium size (just switching to larger needles), since the recipient has slightly larger hands and wrists and I want these to be well-loved and well-worn.

Ravelry link

Ravelry linkFor the full details on these projects (yarn, needles, etc.) you can click on the pictures in this post – they’ll take you to my project pages on Ravelry.

Now I’m going to wind this laceweight into a ball and get back to my homework.  Happy knitting!

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Basic Ribbed Socks


Finished!  I’m so glad to be done with these socks but even happier that they can finally go on my boyfriend’s feet (just in time for the weather to warm up…).  These are the Basic Ribbed Socks from The Ultimate Sock Book.  I came to this pattern for it’s simplicity and handy stretchiness after a number of false starts with this yarn.  Gauge has not been my friend lately, but hopefully things will be turning around soon.

The pattern is nice and straightforward – a top-down construction with a heel flap, and the ribbing all the way down makes fitting a little easier.  If you’re knitting socks for someone and worried about the fit, these might be a good choice.

I knit the foot a little longer than called for, and then stopped decreasing a little earlier than called for, to give a shorter and squarer toe (32 stitches for grafting, instead of 20).  They’re a bit big on me as you can tell from the picture, but sock models can be hard to wrangle on short notice.  And yes, they are two different colorways!  I really like the mismatching.  I like the blue-green one, though I think the reddish one turned out better in the picture.  The yarn was nice to work with, and should be pretty sturdy.  It’s two different kinds of Regia sock yarn.  You can see the details for all that on my Ravelry page.

These socks have been a long time coming – I think I told my boyfriend I’d make him another pair (after the first one sprouted holes) about two years ago.  I’m going to work a little harder at follow through on gift knitting this year, as I mentioned in my New year’s post.  Not so much because I feel I have to knit things for people, but because it’s fun and feels good.

I’m spending some time this afternoon picking out my next projects and might take a break with a little bit of tatting.  Hooray for casting on!


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It’s Spring Break…

…and here’s what I’ll be filling these last few days with:

Finishing these confounded socks once and for all:

IMG_0861Reading, reading, nail-painting, reading:


Celebrating the warm weather by working on my (very beginner) hooping skills, playing my gouache paints, watching Netflix, and hanging with the one, the only, the infamous YarnEater.

IMG_0862(Yes, that is the ugliest carpeting in the Eastern United States.)

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A quick update!

Hello there Blog!  I’m currently getting into the swing of a whole week with nothing but unscheduled, unstructured time – I’m on Spring Break!  Tomorrow I’ll be posting an update on what I’m knitting and what I hope to accomplish over these precious few days of not having to do or be anywhere specific (that’s a bit of an overstatement – I have plenty of reading and writing to do for school, but I can do it whenever and wherever I want!).

Until tomorrow, here’s a picture of the actual YarnEater enjoying one of her other favorite activities – being carried around in bags.


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Paints: No Sheep Required

This weekend I bought some painting supplies with a friend.  A little set of gouache tubes.  A 99 cent plastic pallette.  A variety pack of four little brushes.  A block of watercolor paper.  Tonight I broke into my haul.

Gouache 1


I can’t remember the last time I painted something – maybe party decorations in college?  But this is great fun.  I have no idea what I’m doing, but there are colors.

Anyone else out there trying new crafts/mediums as spring approaches?  I’d love to hear about it :)

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Thin on the Ground

My blogging has been thin on the ground lately, but if you’re looking for some knitterly inspiration, can I direct you to the Brooklyn Tweed Winter 2014 Look Book?

Worth checking out if you love sweaters, neutrals, and Brooklyn Tweed (how could you not?).

I have been knitting in my absence and will come back to you, dear blog, when I have an FO to show for myself.

Wishing you lots of wool and tea (and early Spring).

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Top 5 Knitting Books

I made a video where I talk about my top 5 knitting books from my own collection.  Hope you enjoy, and let me know what your favorites are!  I’m always looking to pick up some good books.


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Thursday WIP

Today I’m taking an hour or so in the middle of the afternoon to work on some socks – a knitting break can really be a great reset button for the day.  If things are going wrong, or my mood is just off for some reason, an hour of watching string turn into clothes by the power of my hands reminds me that I’m in control of some things.

Many people say that they knit to relax, but I have to admit that knitting doesn’t really relax me all that much; but I do find it meditative.  It is totally effortless for me to ‘get in the zone’ and really concentrate while I’m knitting.  So even though my brow may be scrunched up, and my shoulders creeping closer and closer to my ears, it feels good, if not super relaxing, to be so focused on something.

Ribbed Socks - February 2014

So today’s WIP, the “Ribbed Socks” from Vogue Knitting’s The Ultimate Sock Book, will actually be taking my internal experience and extending it outward, out from my head, down my arms, through my fingers, and into the little 1×1 ribbed cuff – it’s like magic.

I hope you all are finding plenty of time for knitting and other sanity-restoring activities – happy Thursday!

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